Dream on!

Uttarakhand has its own charm! This picture reminds me of the amazing clear sky and breathtaking wilderness below! A picture that made me reflect!

The path, like a beautiful endless dream,
The sights, sublime they seem,
The fenceless narrows with scary bends,
I’m terrified of falling, for the deep has no end!

Fear has power, it captures my mind,
Darkness appears as the crimson fades!
Keep going, says a little voice I find,
And suddenly, darkness is just a shade!

The voice has power, it captures my spirit,
Fearless, I trudge along the snaky bend!
I stand in the cold, look up to the sky,
A renewed spirit, my way I wend!

Beauty has power, it captures my soul,
I wonder if I was lost till now!
This journey holds surprises & fear has its role,
But I’ll keep walking and make it ‘wow’!

Author: prachee27


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