The magical land called Rajasthan!

My friend and I started with exploring the jungles of Rantambore and sighted the elusive tiger, stayed in Jodhpur at the base of the majestic Mehrangarh fort and traveled back in time at Osian, lost ourselves in the great Thar desert of Jaisalmer and lived the life of a royal staying at the Golden Jaisalmer fort (perhaps the only living fort in the world). A truly magical journey that awakened the happy spirit in me!

Glad to share some of my moments here. Drop a comment to know more about the itinerary and places we visited!


Perched in a maze of stairs at an ancient stepwell, my friend had this distant look on her face! I couldn’t help but reflect..

Stirring ruminations,

In her tranquil mind,

Hidden in these stairs,

Wonder what she finds?

A steep descent,

The climb she braves,

A thirst in her soul,

The water she craves!

Curious with every step,

Revelation in every layer,

She’s Fascinated with the symmetry?

Or boundless depths they share?


A beautiful time spent with my friend in the mystical Thar desert of Rajasthan!

The imprint of impassioned tales,

And mystique in its vibe,

I want to see beyond the veil,

The dune that ciphers in its scribe!

Zephyrs and tempests romance the sands,

And time, the keeper of sagas,

A million stars that watch these lands,

While gypsies devise their ragas!

Such is its affair with footprints,

As life has with souls unmet,

Some fade away in the sunrise,

And some stay till sunset!

A celebration of light

Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights. It’s a celebration of victory of truth over lies, good over evil and positivity over negativity!

While the festival has a great mythological significance of the epic ‘Ramayan’ , it essentially signifies being enlightened and truthful to oneself!

The delicate quiver of a flame,

Yet it burns bold,

Its journey as it wanes,

A story to be told!

The brilliance of its dazzle,

The toil of its burn,

In my mind’s hustle,

A thousand thoughts it churns!

Devouring the dark,

It reveals the real!

Chaos or calm,

The birth of light!

A glowing silence,

Oblivious to its might!

Amplifying shadows,

And diminishing doubt,

Cannot the mind learn?

To calm it’s shout!

Dream on!

Uttarakhand has its own charm! This picture reminds me of the amazing clear sky and breathtaking wilderness below! A picture that made me reflect!

The path, like a beautiful endless dream,
The sights, sublime they seem,
The fenceless narrows with scary bends,
I’m terrified of falling, for the deep has no end!

Fear has power, it captures my mind,
Darkness appears as the crimson fades!
Keep going, says a little voice I find,
And suddenly, darkness is just a shade!

The voice has power, it captures my spirit,
Fearless, I trudge along the snaky bend!
I stand in the cold, look up to the sky,
A renewed spirit, my way I wend!

Beauty has power, it captures my soul,
I wonder if I was lost till now!
This journey holds surprises & fear has its role,
But I’ll keep walking and make it ‘wow’!

Goa through my lens!

Every picture from Goa posted here has aroused a feeling of joy or wonder! From cruising over the confluence of the Arabian Sea and Mandovi river to feeling the sand beneath my toes, I found the unusual in the usual..The Ocean, rain and rocks!

A beach we had all to ourselves!

Wilderness bliss!

Blingy fish art at ‘Fisherman’s wharf’!

Markings in a river!

Let the sweet and salty Merge!

A serene life!

From the cruise!

Life in Goa!

Formula for life?

Fun with lights!


Where are we going?

Let me see you!

Are you fo real?