Don’t look back!

A scene that got etched in my mind while enjoying a ferry ride with my friends in Goa! This little boy was perched under the bright cross and I couldn’t help but capture the moment..

There’s serenity in this journey
Though the river beneath flows,
Sitting there, under the cross,
Do you wonder which path to go
I’ve been there before
I know your heart and mind
Like the water, you want to flow
And fear of the plunge makes you slow!
Safety of hues at the back
And allure of fish and shack,
Never did life promise an easy plan,
So take the plunge as fast as you can!


Me and my friend woke up to this beautiful little garden below our hotel room in Goa! Standing and watching the colours from our balcony was a treat and it made our day!

I see a reflection of the universe
Where bright and dull converse
There’s no judgement in here,
It feels of love being near!

There’s no mess up in a difference
And there’s beauty in variance!

I think of life without these shades
And monotony of a single tint,
Life would then cease to amaze
Coz only in grey, shines beauty of pink!