A beautiful time spent with my friend in the mystical Thar desert of Rajasthan!

The imprint of impassioned tales,

And mystique in its vibe,

I want to see beyond the veil,

The dune that ciphers in its scribe!

Zephyrs and tempests romance the sands,

And time, the keeper of sagas,

A million stars that watch these lands,

While gypsies devise their ragas!

Such is its affair with footprints,

As life has with souls unmet,

Some fade away in the sunrise,

And some stay till sunset!


The cold bites my feet,
The forest dense and dark,
The mountain, a white sheet,
The moon flaunts its arc!

I want to stay put,
However harsh the cold!
I want to keep awake,
To see the night unfold!

The flames come alive,
It’s not just a fire,
I know now I can thrive,
As warmth is all I desire!